Business Discovery Programs

The Business Discovery programs are designed to address the work aspect of your life. They are for those who own or run a business, and for those who are thinking about taking the leap and starting something new. We also run programs for the employees of small-medium businesses.

KeastCo is not a consulting agency. Rather, we facilitate changes that will move you towards your own business goal. We have a number of business programs available, all run by experienced and accredited facilitators. If you are searching for clarity, empowerment and motivation within a business setting, we have the program to get you there.



Professional Breakthrough Program

The Professional Breakthrough program is an intensive, three-day program designed to achieve big results fast. It is suited to people with their own business, or individuals looking to start one. It will give immediate results to those who dream of more and are prepared to take action.

In the Breakthrough program, you will look at the negative patterns and negative emotions that are holding your business back. You will be equipped with tools to create new neural networks. With these, we will facilitate a decrease in stress/anxiety, an increase in income and will unleash your potential to achieve your goals.

This is a challenging experience and isn’t for everyone.

Are you ready to take the leap??

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Ongoing Professional Coaching

Ongoing professional coaching is designed to keep you on track to achieve your business or career goals. With weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions, explore ideas for your next level of success. Uncover the habits and limiting decisions that are holding you back, and reach your true potential. This program is best for those who are crippled with difficult problems, or who need that helping hand to reach their full potential. We can help you on your journey to achieving more.


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Employee Group Coaching

Employee group coaching will unite a team in terms of values, function and morale. Employees play such a huge part of any successful business, so giving them the skills they need both personally and within a team, will ensure that you’ll get effective and lasting benefits.

This program is designed for small to medium sized businesses who employ a team of people working towards a common goal. Using both group and individual activities, this coaching increases your production and income, while decreasing employee stress, procrastination and anxiety.


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Professional Training

Professional training is designed to give you practical knowledge and skills that can be applied to your business. Offering a range of options, from half day seminars through to 14-day practitioner certifications, we can increase your income, improve client retention and increase productivity. Topics covered include rapport, sales, mindset, negotiation, conflict resolution and more.


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