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Fresh Start For Singles

  • Ramada Hotel & Suites 2 Martin St Ballina NSW (map)

Many people are quite happy to be on their own, and that is of course each person’s decision. But what if YOU weren’t happy to be alone? What if YOU wanted more?

Murray Parr, Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer, says that he has identified two main reasons why people would rather spend their alone time tucked up in bed with a good book and a dog or cat by their side. Or even at the pub sharing drinks with friends, and always going home to be alone.

The first reason is people know that they have unresolved stuff stored away somewhere inside themselves, and they know their stuff and have become used to their stuff. So why on earth would they want to start a relationship with someone else who has their own unresolved stuff?

The second reason is this. People don’t know where to go to meet other people, who don’t have stuff? During this day and age it seems as if every person you speak with has had a “Bad” relationship of some sort. It ended badly, they were treated badly or their partner behaved badly.

These people are still rattled by the emotions and the experiences they had within the relationship months, or even years later.

These two reasons will be addressed at Murray and Bek’s next "Fresh Start for Singles" seminar March 8th, 9th and 10th, 2019.

Murray has for many years dreamed of inviting single people to an event where people of all different ages could meet others in a supported environment and let go of past hurts and clean the slate, so to speak.

What if YOU came along to this seminar with a willingness to learn some techniques to let go of past negative issues and limiting beliefs about yourself and set a simple goal for the future that would allow YOU to make a "Fresh Start"?

  • Drop your baggage and start fresh

  • Learn how to focus on what you want

  • Discover your deep values

  • Meet new people and get a new lease on life!

6pm-9pm Friday

8:30am - 5pm Saturday and Sunday

Standard ticket cost: $595 each

Early bird ticket cost: $295 each (available until Midnight 23rd February)

Bring a friend discount: 33% off each standard price ticket, just use the code ‘FRIENDS’ in the checkout (you must book a minimum of 2 tickets)

295.00 595.00
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