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Child With Additional Needs?


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Parents With Additional Needs Children.

Being a parent isn’t easy. But being the parent of a child with additional needs is another level entirely. Whether it’s a mental, psychological or physical issue; whether it’s visible or invisible, raising a child with additional needs is exhausting. When you don’t even have five minutes to yourself, it’s common to get trapped in negative thought patterns and destructive habits. 

But with NLP techniques, you can change your perspective and bring positive change into your life. We can give you the skills to take charge of your life again, and be the best version of yourself. When you are happy and feel supported, that’s when you are able to be the parent you want your children to have.



Are You ‘Feeling Stuck’ In Your Life?

Do you find you aren’t achieving your goals, and aren’t satisfied with where you’re at? 

When we have repeated thought patterns (I’m no good at this, I’ll never be as successful as them, I’ll never get what I want), these repeated thoughts are often translated over to cycles of repeated behaviour. We perceive our problems from a restricted perspective, and this can prevent us from being able to reach our potential.

NLP is a proven methodology that help people shift their thinking and bring about big changes in their life. It puts the power back in your hands, and enables you to be the best version of yourself in all facets of life. Whatever your issue, we have a program to shift you into the next gear. .


About Our Breakthrough Programs

Between working, social engagements and family, it can be hard to find time for yourself. We know that better than anyone, which is why we have developed our Breakthrough programs. They are intensive, three-day workshops that are big bang for your buck.

Throughout the three days, we help you identify emotional and behavioural traits that are holding you back. Once these issues are identified, we change neural pathways, so your achilles heel becomes your strength. This translates into practical changes that have a knock-on effect, creating a lasting impact on your personal or business life.

What you get from our programs

Clarity in your goals

Ability to recognise triggers

Knowledge of theories and concepts for practical change

Techniques to combat negative patterns

Improved self-worth, self confidence, productivity and inter-personal skills.

If you know there is something in yourself that you want to change, this program is the perfect opportunity to kick-start a new you.

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